Prints and price information

So, I’m making prints of all these Tarot paintings, and having them professionally handled. The first set of print quality photos I’ve gotten back are FAR BETTER than my meager and novice photography skills. I’ll probably re-post the better versions (albeit with digital watermarks) sometime in the future. Suffice to say that if you come to the upcoming art show ( you won’t be disappointed.
I’m going to have the large prints made on some pretty quality art paper, and I will have a set of 8×10’s in a slightly “cheaper” paper, but at a pretty cheap price, too. The smaller ones will be a variety of images based on feedback I’ve gotten from people as well as some other factors.

I’ll try and have some extra stuff at the show just in case too.

For the larger prints, 15″x20″ in size: $75

For the 8″x10″s: $15 each

I can also have these blown up and printed onto a vinyl sheet that is water resistant and super light, not to mention BIG. The price won’t be drastically different from the 15x20s either. E-mail me/contact me if you’re interested. Hope to see you at the show!

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One Response to Prints and price information

  1. rantspinner says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Love your work!
    I have a project that your Alchemy Falcon would be great for. Would you be interested in licensing it?
    Thanks & Best Regards,

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